Choosing Jolly Woofers is securing exceptional mobile grooming service for you and your dog.





One-on-one grooming, steps away from home.

Coats dried by hand, not in cages.

Thorough and caring grooming process.

Polished results; beauty balanced
with function.

Special care given for age and
mobility limitations.

Boutique service valuing satisfaction
and trust.

Direct, dependable correspondence
with Mike.

High receptivity to requests
and preferences.

Stress-free booking and rescheduling.

Reliable, consistent, high-standard results.


Concierge care with the utmost sincerity
and courtesy.

Focus on respectful, warm, and
kind rapport.

Passion to foster heartfelt relationships.

Devotion to support every dog's holistic

Dedication to promote happiness in
every family.

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Each grooming guarantees:

  • A thoroughly scrubbed body washed to its needs with all natural,
    100% biodegradable oatmeal, hypoallergenic, and/or deodorizing shampoos and conditioners

  • A hand-dried, well-brushed,
    fresh, and shiny coat

  • Cleansed and deodorized ears

  • Trimmed and gently filed
    nails and dewclaws

  • A comfortable and attractive hairstyle, including a sanitary trim

Extra services available upon request, including detailed nail filing, anal gland expression, and teeth brushing.

Pricing varies to accommodate all dog sizes, ages, breeds, hair lengths, demeanors, and conditions.
Please call/text for an accurate estimate.

A dog’s comfort and safety should ever be compromised in the grooming process. Therefore, respect and sensitivity is given to dogs struggling with grooming by only doing as much as they will safely allow.

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Mike Moran, the owner of Jolly Woofers, started mobile grooming in Los Angeles in 2012. After relocating to Boulder in 2014 and founding Jolly Woofers, Mike quickly filled his book with wonderful dogs and clients, serving them for eight years. In 2022, Mike traveled to Europe with his wife and two kids to live abroad and work on creative pursuits. Now, having returned to Colorado, he is ready to find new people and pups to serve with grooming for years to come.

Grooming for over a decade, Mike is enthusiastic, high-energy, and genuinely kind. Mike has become one of the most sought-after groomers in the Boulder Valley, because he treats every dog and their family with the highest level of customized care and professionalism. With his acute grooming skills and consistently warm attitude, Mike always exceeds the expectations of his clients. Mike’s training in somatics and sensory awareness, along with his love of nature and animals, helps him to connect and communicate with dogs in a special way. Because of his love for dogs and helping people, every day his work feels like spending time with friends.

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